$29.95 Oil Change 3 Great Services for one Spectacular Price! Oil change includes up to 5 qts of 10w30 motor oil and new oil filter. Shop supplies & taxes extra. Most cars/light trucks. Some vehicles extra. Cannot combine with any other offer. ... [more...] Free AC Check • Test and record vent temperature • Gauge and record freon pressures • Inspect components for visible leaks • Check hose fittings & compressor • Run performance test *Service includes 5-step process listed above. Any additional parts or labor as well as Freon is extra. Cannot combine with any other offer. ... [more...]

Repair of BMW Vehicles

We have many years of experience doing high quality BMW repairs at Driver's Auto Repair. Our BMW repair team employs some of the most talented technicians that you’ll find anywhere, and they’re right here in Texas! It is no coincidence that we have many great technicians in our BMW repair team, we make sure they train on the latest updates so that they’re always ready to handle the latest coming out of the BMW factory.

Once our team at Driver's Auto Repair has their training up to date they use their vast knowledge to accomplish some of the most exceptional BMW repairs you’ll come across. Our team has rescued some nearly junkyarded BMW's in the past, and they can do the same for your car. If you come to our shops in Texas regularly you’re sure to have a car that never looks or drives like it is headed for the junkyard!

Have you ever thought about your BMW as not worth a little extra bit? The BMW owners that we’ve talked to at Driver's Auto Repair have never thought so, that is why we use the best OEM and aftermarket BMW replacement parts in Texas. Our collaboration with local parts distributors ensures that we find the best parts at the best prices. Call our shop today for all of your BMW repair, maintenance and service needs and we’ll help you keep your car driving on the roads of Texas for years to come.