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Alignment Service

A wheel alignment is one of those services that goes unnoticed by car owners in Texas because they don’t know what to look out for. The Driver's Auto Repair service team would like to let you know what you should look out for so that you know when to come see us. This will save you money, increase safety and improve the enjoyment you get out of driving your car around Texas.

The easiest signs to recognize as a wheel alignment problem are:

  • Uneven tire wear that is concentrated to one area, especially when that area is the outer edges of the tire.
  • Vibration in the steering wheel could indicate that you need a wheel alignment, but may be another issue.
  • Drifting to one side while driving straight is a sign your wheels are out of alignment, the roads of Texas are pretty level!
  • If your steering wheel is not at the center while you are driving straight that is a sign that you need to come see us at Driver's Auto Repair.

These wheel alignment problems lead to increased tire costs as they wear out sooner, poorer safety as your handling system is compromised and driver fatigue as you fight the wheel and are worn down by constant vibration. The Driver's Auto Repair service team wants to help you save money and enjoy your car more every day while you are driving around Texas. Come to us for wheel alignment services as often as your owner’s manual recommends, or any time you notice any of the above warning signs.