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Check Engine Light Service

When a check engine light comes on and stays on, car owners in Texas know to come to us at Driver's Auto Repair. Our trained and experience repair team is ready to handle your car and find the underlying issue behind your check engine light coming on. Being sure to promptly come to see us is your best assurance against further damage occurring, and your car needing even more expensive repairs.

The check engine light comes on for a very wide number of reasons. The Driver's Auto Repair team has seen a wide variety of them thanks to Texas car owners coming in to see us, and we’re ready to find out exactly what is wrong with your car. Here are some of the common reasons why people in Texas come to see us when their check engine light comes on:

  • The O2 sensor being faulty
  • Need for a new catalytic converter
  • The mass air flow sensor not working properly
  • Spark plug wires being worn
  • Old spark plugs needing to replaced

Those are some of the most common why your check engine light will come on, and why you should bring it to us at Driver's Auto Repair. One final tip we would like to give car owners in Texas is to check to see if their gas cap is tight. A loose gas cap is one simple reason why your check engine light may be on. If it is on tight then give us a call at Driver's Auto Repair and we’ll be sure to get your problem sorted out quickly