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90,000 Mile Service and Maintenance

Older vehicles need a special amount of attention to keep on performing and being safe. The 90,000 mile service is one of those times when your car deserves special attention, and the Driver's Auto Repair team is ready to give your car that attention. Car owners in Texas just want cars that work well, are safe and last for years. Our team is able to do that for your car now as they’ve proven themselves over the years as being quite capable.

What will your car have done to it at a 90,000 mile service? That’s tough to answer as every car is unique and each car has it’s own requirements under it’s warranty agreement. Our service team at Driver's Auto Repair knows to pay attention to the unique condition of your car and give you the 90k service that best meets your car’s needs. There are some trends amongst cars in Texas though, here are some examples:

  • Replacing fluids such as the transmission, engine coolant and differential
  • Adjusting the timing belt, or outright replacing it
  • Putting in new spark plugs
  • Inspecting all safety features is very common
  • Replacing the brake pads, tires, drive belt, struts and shock absorbers

As you can see, the 90,000 mile service is pretty extensive and very important to the long term health of your car. The Driver's Auto Repair service team is ready to give you the best 90k service in Texas, call to make an appointment if you’re nearing 90,000 miles.